Adore Island hottie Tyla Carr ‘is mystery brunette in threesome sex tape’ reveals movie fella who was simply ‘worn away by romp with sex addicts’

Adore Island hottie Tyla Carr ‘is mystery brunette in threesome sex tape’ reveals movie fella who was simply ‘worn away by romp with sex addicts’

Andrew Georgiou showcased in X-rated vid which has become topic of revenge porn police investigation

  • Stephen Moyes
  • Andy Jehring
  • 15 Jul 2017, 21:31
  • Updated: 17 Jul 2017, 13:20

ADORE Island hottie Tyla Carr is really a sex addict that has a threesome together with her buddy plus the pal’s boyfriend in a video clip which went viral.

The secrets behind the appreciate Island intercourse tape — first reported in last week’s the sun’s rays on are told today by Andrew Georgiou sunday.

He reveals the blond girl within the threesome he had been dating for several months with them is Tyla’s friend who.

Filmed on a phone that is mobile an accommodation completely nude Tyla, 24, sometimes appears straddling her pal for a sleep while tattooed Andrew appears on.

This has appeared on the internet and been provided across social networking platforms.

Last when the tape emerged it was claimed Tyla had never met the couple before week.

But which was perhaps not the truth. We have been maybe perhaps not naming her pal.

Andrew, 32, said: “The intercourse tape clip who has showed up on line is about couple of hours into once we first began getting steamy. I happened to be really exhausted by that stage.


Ally ross






“But Tyla and her pal kept wanting more — they’ve been sex addicts.

“Eventually at 5am Tyla said she had been prepared to keep. We passed away with my ex. ”

Andrew unveiled Tyla is close friends with their then gf. The ladies invited him with their ?300 per night suite into the five-star Westbury resort in London’s Mayfair at 11pm one night in 2014.

Andrew advertised girls decided the whole lot with them and paid for X-rated movies on the hotel room’s TV because they had brought sex toys.

Andrew, manager of an automobile solutions company in North London, stated: “I was call at London and Tyla and her friend phoned and told me personally to head to their hotel for a drinks that are few.

“They stated ‘it’ll be well worth your while’, and I also ended up being fascinated.

“They had plenty of sexy underwear plus they stated, ‘what would you like to see us in? ’.

“They started initially to get intimate. My gf ended up being flirting with Tyla whom then began undressing me personally.

“We were all having a time that is good. It had been filmed on a phone that is mobile.

“There were adult movies playing regarding the TV into the back ground. Every once in a while the girls would stop to view it. ” The pal performed an intercourse work on Tyla while Andrew viewed through the end associated with the sleep before joining in using them.

Yesterday it emerged a issue was in fact designed to the authorities in regards to the leaking of this video.

Andrew admitted he previously been questioned by authorities but denied he had released it.

He recalled their 2014 intercourse session with Tyla after watching her win a military of fans on ITV2’s hit show like Island.

She’s got flirted with many guys when you look at the telly property, got intimate with Jonny Mitchell after which shifted to Mike Thalassitis after coming across upset when Jonny had been forced to keep.

Andrew included: “Tyla and my gf would go off on always getaway together.

“I heard rumours about Tyla being bisexual, but i did son’t think it until we witnessed it for myself. They truly are simply celebration pets, great enjoyable girls but positively exhausting.

“They had been constantly going abroad, partying in Thailand, Ibiza, Cambodia, Majorca.

“I’m able to just imagine the enjoyment that they had. Tyla and my ex are excellent girls, but we can’t live that way, it is excessively. ”

Speaing frankly about Tyla’s range of guys on appreciate Island, Andrew said: “It does surprise me that n’t Tyla went right for Johnny.

“She’s a good woman, so when quickly while he talked about he’d a little bit of cash she had been interested.

“I don’t understand where she gets her funds from but she actually is constantly on christmas.

“She’s popularity hungry, constantly happens to be. ”

Their cunning lingo

PARTICIPANTS may actually have unique language. Here’s a fast interpretation:

  • Muggy — Treating other people like fools.
  • Pied off — Being romantically rejected.
  • Sticking it on — placing intimate intentions out in open.
  • Melt — an insult to a person who has to sort by themselves down.
  • Snakey — Underhand.
  • Grafting — setting up work to wow a potential romantic partner.
  • The Ick — Being suddenly deterred by the partner.
  • Jonny Mitchell
  • Mike Thalassitis
  • Tyla Carr

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