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In most cases, it’s only the app, and pressing the home button would lead you to the home screen. After that, to make Android faster, you can kill the affected app from the Recent apps section.

If you’re experiencing frequent crashes on your Android phones, a download now corrupt SD could be one of the reasons. Formatting the SD card would not only delete the unnecessary junk of files created by the Android system and various apps, but it might eventually give a performance boost as a result. Many Android apps are fake and want to take control of your device, steal valuable data and send it to their masters.

But, surely, it would decrease the time you waste to enter the pattern or pin to unlock your device. On an average, fingerprint sensors can unlock your Android phone in around 0.5 seconds. The time could range between 5-8 seconds in the case of pins and patterns.

Clearing the RAM of the smartphone can give you an instant performance boost as it closes various unwanted apps capturing the precious memory of the Android phone. Clearing the cached data, sometimes, helps in making the app more smoother as it removes old data which might make it lag and lead to freezes and crashes.

To make Android faster, try to remove the cached data for such apps in the Settings to ensure they don’t consume much space when they are not in use. Various apps that live inside our smartphones run all the time and need to connect to the internet to keep working.

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  • You can create new folders anywhere, and the options will make your phone look amazing.
  • Poco Launcher 2.0 is an easy-to-use homescreen launcher with easy-to-use interfaces and an elegant appearance.
  • With several cool themes, you can change the icons and text of the apps freely.
  • Simply pull up to receive notifications and swipe down to go to the apps drawer.
  • The launcher supports gesture control features such as a two-finger pinch, which opens up a range of advanced settings shown below.

When the data gets deleted, the app can keep newer versions of the same things. This method is helpful in the case of big apps like Facebook and Instagram which store tons of images and other data on your device. There are some apps which you don’t need on a regular basis, but they are important enough to have a place on your device. Like, the apps you use to book flights, hotels, and order food.

The reason why I am telling you to install apps on the internal memory is that it’s considerably faster and reliable than most external SD cards. And that’s probably one of the reasons why premium smartphones like iPhone and Pixel don’t have an SD card slot. Although, device security is another important reason to ditch the slot. Most of the Android phones, nowadays, include a fingerprint sensor. Now, using the same won’t bring any performance boost on your device.

For instance, the System Update malware lived in the Play Store for three years, undetected. It’s almost a decade since Android came into existence and the number of apps for the platform has now grown into millions. But out of these uncountable number of apps and games, not all of them are designed by developers with good intentions. Using lite versions for apps can improve the performance of your Android phone. And they also reduce your data bills, as it’s one of the reasons why such apps exist.

And if these apps are of no use to us, they would only put a burden on the hardware and increase our data bills. Getting rid of such apps would be a wise move in the path to speed up Android. Besides using Android launchers with battery saving features, you can follow a couple of other tips to improve your battery life, given below. Yet, there are loads of customization features, including the ability to change text color background color, label size, and font. And you can even specify custom rules on how apps are displayed, available in the Pro version.

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